Hellerau and Czech

February 14th-15th

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the latest edition of Turtle newz! Chris, Paul and I had quite the adventure last weekend. It all kicked off by playing in Dresden at an art-festival-like-thing called "Hellerau." This location was completely gorgeous, I must say -- we were treated so well, given a beautiful band flat for the evening, and there was even a lot of delicious vegan catering. Yum. Heavenly. Also, Marie, who is the singer of a band me and Chris were in called Kivik, came to watch us play, so this night was particularly special because I hadn't seen her in about 3 years.
There were actually way too many awesome lights on this stage, that Paul was limited with his light show, because he programed a specific show just for our lights. We thought that we were super cool with our single sunstripe, but, turns out Hellerau must own like 20 sunstripes. Band goals.
Our set was pure love and fire - we played a lot of new songs, which slowly become more and more integrated into our identity as a band -- songs such as "Drums n' Moses", "Papageno", "The Return Of Dinasaur Steve..." I feel like me and Chris keep developing somehow at a steady pace, and these new songs develop as we play them live. It's really excited to feel out these songs that I have yet to write lyrics to grow.
What was truly beautiful, was the end of the concert, I invited people to come onto the stage, and well, people came onto the stage and started rocking out with us! It was so lovely -- I think i'm going to incorporate this more into our shows... I just love making music, and sharing it with people is so meaningful. It was also special because Tony, Frank and a lot of friends were also there that evening.
The next day, we took a nice drive to the Czech Republic for our next show at the Archa Rock club. We first went to our airbnb, a lovely little apartment next to a tiny mountain (which me and Chris walked up to get our nature fix for the day) in Dicin.

I don't think we were prepared for what was going to happen that evening. We drove to the venue, and things were a bit chaotic. The other band was super friendly, but there was no clear directions from anyone on how we should set up or plan out the evening. So, we all improvised and somehow came to a consensus on how to do soundcheck, how to setup, and how the night would roll. In the club there were pictures of numerous famous rockers, and I was just glad to see that Queen was up there, because I love Freddie Mercury and if he is in the house, then it's a sign that I can go wild.
Our set felt like 100% blues explosion. There was a dude who was being a bit to routy, who kept touching me which I didn't really appreciate, and started hitting Chris's drum set and almost getting out of control.
But by the end of the evening, everyone was super friendly and appreciative, despite the huge language gap. I think me and Chris are gonna be going back there.
And now, we are planning on how we will record our next EP, The Return of Dinosaur Steve, which we are super stoked about.

Preproduction recording

December 22nd - 24th

Hallo hallo, and happy Christmas! Me and Chris just got back to Leipzig from an epic weekend recording the preproduction for our next album, The Return of Dinosaur Steve. It's kind of difficult to write about the experience, because my mind was on a totally different planet while recording, but luckily the gods of rock (and me and Chris having played the songs a ton) made the recording proccess quite easy.
If you want to hear the preproduction, all you have to do is become a patreon right over here: https://www.patreon.com/electricturtles

Album release tour 2018

September 20th-30th

Well well well. Finally getting around to writing about what the fuck we did the last month. I got back from California on September 18th, and we had our record release party in Leipzig on the 20th. I was a bit worried whether or not my jetlag would totally mess me up, and if I'd be capable of putting on a kick ass show.
Me, Lena and some friends went to Karli in leipzig with spray paint and stencils to advertise the show:
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Free show, Absturz, Leipzig, tomorrow.

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Me and Chris went to pick up the popcorn machine from some dude in the West of Leipzig (the popcorn machine barely fit in the car). To be honest, most of the night was a blur -- I got to see the vinyls for the first time (they look dope!) and on arriving at Absturz, we met up with the band supporting us, Elephants Foot. Super great band, super cool dudes, making some super cool blues rock. I was diggin it. We honestly didn't know how many people would show up to the concert - it's always kind of a fear I guess, for a new band, whether anyone actually gives two shits about what you're doing. By 20:00, there were maybe 30 people there.
I went to the car to take a little 'nap.'
I couldn't nap.
By 9:30 Elephants foot started, and the club was almost full. I was feeling quite loopy and strange, but was in my 'fuck it' rock and roll attitude. Me and Chris killed it -- even with some of my technical mishaps (fucking cables coming unplugged too frequently!!!) and the club was totally packed. I think the popcorn was a hit also (oh, and we bought some Kaufland cupcakes before as well. Our guests are always satisfied).
Me and Chris realized that we are really making something important for the world. And by important, I mean Rock and fucking Roll. Release show: CHECK.

Next on our list of places to rock out was: Zeithain prison. Tony (our manager and label master) hooked us up with a really cool gig in prison. Yes -- fucking PRISON. We were told not to bring anything except our music equipment (no phones etc.). We drove to Zeithain, which is pretty much in the middle of no where in Saxony, where Paul went inside and got instructions to retrieve our phones and wallets and hand them over to the guards. Then, a big metal gate (it was a 4 meter wall essentially) opened up and we drove in. We met Alfred, the promoter/prison helper/social worker/dude who makes life in prison not so miserable by giving prisoners access to art and a bit of the outside world. This show was so strange for me, I can't say how it was for Chris, but we just had a really good time.
The highlight was getting a room of 30 burly men to sing "FUCK ME"! At the end of the show, every single prisoner took a poster, and most of them were asking us for our autograph. On the way out, Alfred pointed out to me and Tony the 'waiting room' for prisoners waiting to see family members and loved ones. He sadly told us how small this room is (it was a room with no windows and four metal seats) and that in many cases it is hours before prisoners can see their family members. Waiting in this shitty little room. I felt like we really got to make these prisoners happy, by offering them something the gods of rock sent down to us a while ago...

We then went to a little town in Bavaria called "Tögging Am Inn". Fucking Bavaria. It was so beautiful! This place is for me as an American like going to Disneyland, and seeing where snow white lived, and where the naked people swim in the lakes (huh?!). The promoter Flo was a total homie. We played in a pretty small room, that turned out to have a really good sound, even for our very loud rock. We were also very stoked and pleased to know that our lord and savior, Reverend Beatman, walked on this turf before. As well as the Beatsteaks. We are getting closer, it seems.

The next day we hit the road to Tübingen - Schwaben, they call this place. We got hooked up with a gig from Erik, a friend of Reverend Beatman, who we met while the Beatman was touring in Israel last year. We played at a pretty typical German restaraunt, the Ratskeller, which was totally weird. But, the evening turned out to be a really fun and kickass night -- there was even a man who's wife was going to give birth soon, and well, our album's name is BIRTH... you get the point. He bought the vinyl. Erik also had a kickass apartment. Possibly the cleanest apartment we've ever seen. Chris was very happy.
Our last show brought us to Reichenbach an der Fills, near Stuttgart. We played at pretty big venue called 'Die Halle', which was a truly beautiful venue in a city we had honestly never heard of. As me and Chris say "business as usual." We rocked the fuck out, ate some food, drank a beer, and went on our lovely way back to Leipzig.

We're back home now, and writing a shit load of new songs for our next album, "THE RETURN OF DINASAUR STEVE." See you soon.

BRN etc.

June 15th-16th

The pants came off. That is probably the most important information that you will recieve in a long time.More important than the daily news, than your test results -- the pants came off.
I've been saying since the conception of ET that the whole point is just to take your pants off and have a good time. Well, as destiny would have it, I (sadly) broke my pair of Moroccan pants, borrowed some suspenders, which eventually came off, leaving it up to gravity and rock music to handle the rest.

I digress. We kicked off the two days by playing at BRN -- for all of our non-Deustch homies out there, BRN is the "Bunte Republik Neustadt" in Dresden. It's pretty much a three day party with a shit load of bands, musicians, artists, and food. Not much to say there, we were the first band so it really wasn't crowded, but there was a soft dance floor that mostly kids were going nuts on. Holy fuck when we played Back to Reudnitz one kid totally lost his shit, pulled his shirt over his head and got funky with it. He totally got it. It's great when people get it. Because it's one of those things that you just can't explain. In retrospect, this show was a very clean performance - lotta homies were there, Lena and some friends, Paulo, Tony -- the crew.

The real memorable stuff came on Saturday though in Chemnitz. I can't for the life of me begin to understand why Chemnitz is such an awesome city to perform in. Common knowledge would suggest that playing in Chemnitz probably wouldn't be the funnest experience, but fuck, the homies in Chemnitz really know how to party. We played at Outark, a store from a dude named Michael who I met last time round in Chemnitz at Zukunft. He dug what we did, and also is super into Jack WHite, so he invited us to play at the opening of his store.
I was at the same location around two years ago, and there was absolutely nothing there -- no people, no stores -- it really looked like a ghost town. But now, there are a few stores, and there were a lot of people walking the streets, eating food, listening to good music, having a good time. That made me happy to see. The room we played in was super tiny, and we play super loud. So, that room was an explosion of sound.
My pants had broken a few hours before, so I wasn't able to tighten them, and, as they are hippie pants, they would fall down almost immediatlely. I borrowed some suspenders from Michael, but yeah, it's rock music, and suspenders come off pretty quickly. Thus, here are my pants falling off:

And here I am, without pants:

What a party. Ok, I just figured out how to use gifs in HTML, so I'm gonna spam the rest of this page with gifs:

I don't know what else to say, it's kinda hard to reflect on nights like these, because it is like an itch that makes me wanna just keep on rocking out, writing more music, and creating epic nights like these. To say the least, everytime I DO reflect, I realize how grateful I am to be able to take my pants off in front of people and have a good time. Now we're back in the real world, I'm riding my bike for hours delivering fast food to the lovely German citizens of the world, and Chris is studying and cuddling his puppy in Leutsch.


April 12th-14th 2018
Alright, because I failed to have time to reflect on the shows, as there wasn't so much alone time, I'll start where I left off:
April 12th
Mittweida. I think I’d describe the evening as ‘liebevoll’. I think that means it’s was lovely, and it totally was. To recap the day: Chris picked me up and we went to our practice room to pick up our backline, and to spray paint the fucking bass drum. I had cut out a stencil “ET!” on a regular sheet of paper, Chris got black and white spray paint, and we gave it a go. This was the end result:
It didn’t turn out how we wanted it, but on stage it actually looks really cool :) It’s always interesting to me, playing music how so much of the day is just whizzing by, then you perform, and it’s a good hour of adrenaline and some sort of spiritual experience with the gods of music, then you meet people, sell merch, and it’s over.
I'm not sure what music means to people, I'm not sure what it means to me, either. All I know is that human connection is one major part of a good and meaningful life, and that music is a direct stream to connect with other people.
There's not really much going on in Mittweida, besides the students. The show was dope as usual for me and Chris, I think it's pretty hard for us to have any serious problems that would majorly fuck up a show, I mean, it is rock and roll after all. But, the crowd wasn't exactly ready to party like we were -- not everyone at least, but after the show, the amount of love and appreciated we recieved was completely unexpected. People were buying shirts and CD's, and one dude even said if we gave him stickers he will spread our turtle juice all over Germany. hehe. I also realized how completely dope the lazer turtle t-shirts are (that's Manuel from the club):
Did I mention that we stayed on a farm that night? A dude named Jens has an Airbnb near Mittweida (recommended should you want to run away for a bit into the middle of nowhere in Saxony), and I was super confused when he spoke perfect English. Turns out he lived in Ireland for fifteen years. There were sheep, goats, ducks, a dog named Paula, and probably more shit I can't remember. I took a bath there. It was incredible. I haven't taken a bath in so damn long. Me and Lena only have a shower, and holy shit, baths are my jam. It was the most incredible 15 minutes I've had in a while.
And in the morning, mothafuka Jens made us a kickass breakfast.

Then we went to some place in the forest that looked like it would have been super cool in the summer, but because it's not so warm was quite deserted. We were hoping to get on a boat around this lake, but it didn't happen. Instead we ate some food. Oh that reminds me, it was awesome having Paul on tour with us. Having an extra hand to do things like, carrying shit, social media, and taking out my pedal board while I'm in the bathroom, was extremely helpful. That's him with Paula above. Then, we went to Chemnitz.

April 13th
What a grey city that is. I mean, I've been to Chemnitz before, and will never forget how a man Heiled Hitler there, in 2017. Brought back some uncomfortable memories of my ancectors in the past... But at least we got a picture with our homie Marx:
I think we were a little skeptical of how the night would turn out in a place called 'Zukunft'. The club is pretty well known, and our name was on the front of their building which was cool. And GURR had played there two years earlier, so we felt like we were doing something quite epic. (p.s. we love gurr). It's a super punk rock venue, with great vegan food, and really nice staff. The room we'd play in was super tiny, and we were gonna fuck the shit out the air their with big ass sounds from outerspace (at least that's what I set out to do). Sound check took a bit longer than expected, and we tried to nap in the band flat an hour before the show but it totally didn't work and instead we just made jokes. The audience for the night was gonna be people who had gone to the theater, and we were the afterparty. I didn't really get the concept, but, the room actually filled up quite nicely! I'm always a bit surprised when things turn out better than I expect them to.
And people seemed down to party, which was dope. But no one bought any merch, which was a bit sad. I guess you can never know what's gonna happen - I mean, no one danced in Mittweida but we sold a shit load of merch. And in Chemnitz they partied but bought nothing. CONFUSING. We just wanna spread the turtle love.
yeah we wanna play with Gurr. Super badly. hehe. Chemnitz was cool
April 14th
Last day of tour, we woke up and moved our asses to Weimar. FUCK, what a beautiful city. Tiny town vibes, green, good bratwurst, and beautiful people. We played in the sickest venue, a theater, and theater people know how to get shit done. Probably the best sound we had on tour. Gotta thank Princes of Provinces for letting us open for their album release concert. I was feeling pretty tired before the show, but as always we gathered up the energy to rock out. See how pretty it is?
Shows go by so fuckin fast. The days are long, the shows are short, the nervouseness before a show is long, then the confused state of mind after the show is long. I think that's why I like talking to people after shows. I don't know what to do with myself or my thoughts once I'm off the stage. And it takes me a while after a show to come down, maybe from excitment. But, now we're back, and I have time to reflect, and I don't know if reflecting is pointless, or worth it. Probably worth it. I love touring, I love sharing music with people. I love playing music, I love writing music. Man. We stopped at McDonalds on the way home. It was okay.
ELECTRIC TURTLES makes ACTION ROCK music. Paul thought of that, and it makes perfect sense. Our music is a big BANG in your face.
Now it's time to prepare for the album, and Chris is on tour the next three weeks, so I gotta hit the preproduction vocals and guitars, so we are sure we have enough time to do EVERYTHING we want.
Until next time,


Howdy folks! It's Arik here. I'm hard coding this html right now, because it makes me feel super 90's and like I'm doing something vintage and important. This blog is for everyone who really wants to know what the fuck we are about. :) And well, beacuse I am narrating this, welcome to the world of ELECTRIC TURTLES through the eyes of Arik. I'll try and speak for Chris, but he only speaks Spanish, so it might be a little difficult.
Tomorrow, we begin our first ever Germany tour. Though it's just three shows, it's still the first time we are going on tour in Germany! Which is super exciting for me. We've already toured Israel, which is much farther away than our little homeland of Germany, but we are now gonna be leaving with our full backline plus Paul, making this feel much more like a tour should feel (even if we're not covering SO many kilometers).
The romantic vision of a band going out on the road is engraved heavily in my head, and I can't wait to rock out for three nights in a row.
oooo today I finished my pedalboard setup for now -- I'm splitting my guitar signal three times, into my Vox, Fender rumble, and a little Marshall practice amp that Lena got me a while ago for my birthday. I'm putting a delay in front of the little Marshall, and holy shit, all three amps on full blast, is like an army of Rock. It's surprising what little amps can actually do. Because there's just two of us, I gotta find a way to make us sound like we are BIG. And I think three amps does just that, especially as I am switching between the Vox, and all three at once.
Yeah, that's about it. I'll keep ya'll updated the next days! See you soon, Mittweida, Chemnitz, and Weimar.